Blog #004: 3-Step Pork Afritada

I’m not really good at cooking, but I go with the saying “lahat naman natututunan… basta may Google.” (😂)

That’s when I’m away home and living in a boarding house. 

Ngayong bakasyon, may ilang putaheng naituro sa akin ang papa ko, all Filipino cuisine. One of it is this Pork Afritada that I’m going to show to you the cooking procedure in three easy steps! You won’t be needing Google for this.

This is so basic that even beginners like me can cook it, yet can look like a pro.


1/4 kilograms pork, cubed

6-10 pcs. marble potatoes or 1-2 regular-sized potatoes and/or 2 regular-sized sweet potatoes (camote), cubed

2 pcs. carrots, cubed

3/4 cups tomato sauce

1-2 teaspoon (should be enough) fish sauce (patis)

A little bit of paminta


Siling labuyo (optional)

Cooking oil

Fry first the veggies— potatoes and/or camote along with the carrots. When already cooked, set aside.

In the same pan you fried the vegetables, sauté the sliced pork in red onion and garlic until medium-cooked. Add in fish sauce (patis) to taste.


Mix in all the remaining ingredients to the pan where you’re cooking the pork. Start with the fried veggies, then add paminta, and sili (optional). Then, don’t forget the tomato sauce. Lasahan kung may kulang pa. 

Now, kailangan na lang hintayin na lumambot ang karne. Add water kung natutuyuan na pero hindi pa rin ‘to malambot (karne).
When the pork is all cooked, you’re done with your easy but delicioso Pork Afritada!

Medyo natuyuan lang ‘yong ginawa ko (that’s why I reminded you, tantiyahin ang tubig habang pinapalambot ang pork) pero it tastes like the real thing! Perfect for students living away from home but still want to taste homemade ulam.

Only tip: Tantiya! Asians doesn’t really follow the indicated measurements in a recipe. They add ingredients accordingly to their taste.

Thank you for reading. For more easy recipes (for beginners), just follow this blog. 😉
—Xoxo, OMG


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