Blog #002: July 2017 Haul

This month, I am so guilty of being gastadora. Imbis na makapag-ipon ngayong bakasyon, gastos pa ang inabot ko. So, sa pasukan, back to kakuriputan at ipunan na (sana, haha).

Here are some of the things I bought that I want to share with you:

From SM Department Store

  • Veet Hair Removal Cream for Normal Skin (Php 115.00) β€” I use this for painlessly keeping my eyebrows in form etc. (etc.πŸ˜‚)
  • Finess Lavender Scent Oil Control Sheet (Php 39.00) β€” I don’t usually use this. Tissue lang dati, sapat na. I just bought it for a change, since my T-zone is just so oily nowadays. Upon using it, okay naman ang quality niya kahit mura.
  • Beautyfix Peel Off Mask (Php 22.00) β€” Okay, I picked the wrong item. Dapat nose strip bibilhin ko. Anyway, may “oil control and detox” naman itong claim so ayos na rin.
  • Garnier Light Complete Whitening Cream (Php 25.00) β€” I mix it with whatever makeup base I’m using for everyday look.

From Watsons

  • iWhite BB Holic Everyday BB Cream in Beige (Php 159.50) β€” I’m planning to buy one since lumabas ‘tong tube (kasi dati sachet lang ang available) pero hindi ko pinlanong bumili the soonest kasi may ginagamit pa akong BB Cream. But the gastadora me kicked in, and there. Nangungunang suggestion ‘to ng mga beauty guru ng Pilipinas para sa cheapest drugstore (but worth the try) BB Cream.
  • Luxe Organic Aloe Vera Soothing Gel (Php 189.00) β€” I just joined the hype and I’m now using it as sleeping mask and moisturizer. For its price and quality, it’s okay for me, lalo na at ang dami niyang uses.

From 99.9 and Sakto 100

  • Basic White Tee (Php 50.00) β€” I’m thinking of layering it with a slip dress or topβ€” just that, so I didn’t bother to buy a costy one.
  • Beige Square Pants (Php 100.00) β€” I am in love with palazzo, square pants, and culottes, so I’m planning to collect all colors, LOL. This is just my third one, anyway. I have black and gray ones already. 
  • Black striped corporate pants (Php 50.00) β€” Na-amaze ako kasi 50 pesos lang siya pero brand new. Steal! I’m ready for corpo days in our school na.

From 578 Mall

  • Bear and UK Flag Stickey Patches (Php 9.00 each) β€” These are sooo in nowadays so I just wanted to try. Naghahanap lang ako no’ng red roses na embroidery kaso wala akong nakita.
  • A&W Beauty individual eyeshadow brush (007) from Sakto 100 (Php 20.00) β€” Soft and sturdy at the same time. Kahit cheap ang price, I liked the quality. Wala pang fall outs kahit no’ng hinugasan ko.
  • W/MASUM 5 Pieces Make Up Brush Set (Php 80.00) β€” I’m planning to buy a whole kabuki brush set, but not now. Kaya ito muna. The quality is fine, but a little to soft to my liking. Anyway, gentle siya sa skin.
  • Empty spray bottle (Php 9.00) β€” For random uses. Pwede ko siyang gamitin sa pag-damp ng beauty blender ko.
  • Mirror (Php 15.00) β€” Since I have plans of making make up tutorials in the future, I bought a mirror that can easily be brought anywhere (for filming means).
  • Meiya Eyeshadow Palette (Php 33.00) β€” I just want to test out the quality of underrated (not fake) makeup. And I loved the colors in this paletteβ€” pang-smokey look. They are all matte, too. When I swatched it, okay naman ang pigment, sakto lang sa presyo.

    • Black Panty Hose (Php 38.00) β€” I just find panty hose more comfortable than stockings, that’s why even if I already have black stockings, I still bought this. I just don’t know about the quality since it’s so cheap.
    • Always Pure Table Napkin (Php 18.00) β€” Hygiene, everyone. Ginagamit ko siya pantuyo ng mukha after washing. It is important for acne-prone skin (and I think all skin types) to use a separate towel or just tissue in drying it. I prefer table napkin or kitchen tissue paper kasi mas absorbent sila kaysa ibang tissue. Just don’t drag it unto your face ‘cos it’s kind of rough.
    • Black Camitex Sewing Thread (Php 5.00) β€” Ngayong bakasyon, nakahiligan ko rin ang pananahi ng damit. I can make decent-looking ones naman na (I hope) through the help of my Inang’s teachings. I ran out of black threads so, there. (Joke, hindi ko talaga alam kung decent ‘yong DIY sewing ko πŸ˜‚)
    • Hana Shampoo from NE Crossing (Php 39.00 ata, promo price) β€” They’re changing their products and it’s so sad, kaya sachets na lang ang nabibili ko. This is my favorite and my holy grail shampoo, the real #1 dandruff fighter, pero malapit na siyang ma-clear sa market. Sad.

    From Baguio Night Market

    • Faded Denim Flannel (Php 80.00) β€” I’m on the hunt of this cool thing so I simply love it. Kahit kasi ano lang top ang suot mo, when you pair it with denim, it becomes fabuloso!
    • Cardigans (3 for Php 50.00)
    1. PAO Midnight Blue Polo β€” Hindi ko napansin ‘yong nakalagay na Men’s Fashion pero para sa ‘kin, pwede naman siya sa ladies. (Ipilit, haha) ‘Yong cut niya kasi is like Kimono.
    2. G. U. Plain Dark Gray Cardigan β€” Hindi ako lamigin pero cute siyang pang-layer kapag ayaw kong magpakita ng flabby braso ko.
    3. Authentic Faded Glory White Cardigan with Button Designs  β€” The button details are cute. Period.
    • Plain White Tee (Php 35.00) β€” I already bought one, right? Pero medyo manipis kasi ‘yong una kong nabili from Sakto 100 so, there. I like the fabric better of this one.
    • Thank You Black Slip Dress with Cascading Ruffles at the Bottom (Php 20.00) not from Night Market β€” So, the other day after Night Market, my Ate still needs to find something and I accidentally saw this. Hindi ko alam kung ano ang meron sa cami tops and slip dresses, but I like them. May flaw lang siya pero madaling ayusin. It’s made in Korea so no doubt abt the fashion style.
    • Banana Republic White Cottony Sweater (Php 10.00) β€” I love white, I love cotton-soft things and I love affordable stuffsβ€” so, this one is perfect!

    From National Book Store

    • Pilot Permanent Marker (Broad) (Php 40.00)
    • Lion Staple Wire No.35 (Php 45.00)
    • Best Buy 2-Hole Puncher (Php 58.00)
    • Kaway Memo Pad (Php 20.00)
    • Stradmore Refill Notebook (Php 49.75)
    • Titus Black Ballpoint Stick (2 pcs.) (Php 7.75×2)
    • Best Buy Sticker Paper (High Gloss) (Php 33.50)
    • Outstanding Intermediate Pad (Php 19.50)

    • And lastly, a waterproof shoe cover. I honestly didn’t buy it, my Kuya did. My order from Shopee failed. It costs more or less Php 200.00, but if you order in Shopee or check it on Divisoria, it just costs Php 50.00 and above.

    And there! That’s all for this haul. May God guide me in securing my money for the next months. Thank you for dropping by!

    If you want to read more hauls like this, just follow my blog and leave a comment if you want me to do some honest review of the products I bought, makeup tutorial, or even a try on haul for the clothes and how to style them.

    Xoxo, OMG πŸ™ƒ

    (P.S. This is not a sponsored post. All pictures are mine.)


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